What is LocAle?

The LocAle scheme was originally set up by Nottingham CAMRA, to promote local breweries in the area. It has now been adopted by CAMRA nationally, and Grantham Branch is proud to support the scheme.

How does it work?

It's quite simple, really. Any pub can sign up for the scheme, free of charge, provided that they will endeavour to ensure that at least one locally-brewed real ale is on sale at all times.

Grantham Branch recognises that some pubs in the area are limited on the number of real ales they are able to stock at one time. In order not to disadvantage these establishments, a pub in the Grantham area is required to stock a local real ale at least 75% of the time in order to qualify for membership of the scheme.

Participating pubs will receive a listing on this website, as well as other publicity, and they will be given promotional material to use at their pub.

If you're a licensee and would like to find out more, please contact us!

What counts as local?

Different branches can set their own criteria. Grantham Branch defines a brewery as local if it is within 25 miles by road of the pub in question.

Why is it so important?

Where do we start? First, it's environmentally friendly. It reduces 'food miles', as the beer will often have travelled a much shorter distance to reach the pub. Second, it supports the local economy. Buying a local product helps to maintain local jobs. Third, it encourages diversity. Small, local brewers often produce the most creative brews. Finally, and arguably most importantly, there are some fantastic beers to be had!

Pubs in Grantham area selling LocAles:-  

  • Angel & Royal, Grantham
  • Beehive, Grantham
  • Blue Cow South Witham
  • Chequers, Grantham
  • Conservative Club, Grantham
  • Five Bells, Claypole
  • Lord Harrowby, Grantham
  • Nobody Inn, Grantham
  • The Railway Club, Grantham
  • Tollemache Arms, Grantham
  • Whittaker's, Long Bennington

Pubs offering discounts to CAMRA Card carrying members:-

  • Angel & Royal, Grantham - 60p off a pint
  • Castle Inn, Castle Bytham - 20p off a pint
  • Fox & Hounds, Somerby - 20p off a pint
  • Lord Harrowby, Grantham - 10p off a pint
  • Muddle go Nowhere, Grantham - 20p off a pint
  • The Goose at the Bank, Grantham - 10% discount
  • Five Bells, Claypole - 20p off a pint
Please note that these offers can be changed or withdrawn at any time. If you know of any changes or new discounts please let us know.