POTY Survey

Use this page to make a Pub/Club of the Year submission.

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Guidance Notes for Completion:

Beer (Marks out of 10) This category is about the real ale served by the pub or bar. Please score based on your assessment of the beer quality, choice and value. The most important factor here is the quality and condition of the beer. CAMRA promotes pubs and bars which serve beer which is kept in good condition, looks, smells and tastes good. So the majority of your score in this category should be for the quality of the beer, but also allow points for choice and value.

Service (Marks out of 10) This category is about the service you receive during your visit to the pub or bar. Marks should be given for prompt, efficient and friendly service. Are you made to feel welcome? Are the bar staff friendly and helpful? Are they knowledgeable about the beers on offer, and do they serve the beer well? Are the tables cleared efficiently?

Verdict (Marks out of 10) This category is about the overall experience of your visit. Ask yourself whether this is the sort of pub or club that you would like to return to again. Would you recommend it to your friends? Is it a pleasant place to have a drink? Are the seats/chairs clean, tables clean, toilets habitable? Was it a good experience?