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There has been a last minute change of venue for our Branch meeting on Wednesday 04 July 2018 the meeting will now take place at The Five Bells Claypole. This is due to a recent change in management at the Blue Cow South Witham and no real ale being available currently. We are advised that real ale will be available there soon.

Grantham CAMRA is the local branch for the Campaign For Real Ale, serving the town of Grantham in Lincolnshire and its surrounding villages.

CAMRA is a national organisation which campaigns for real ale, real pubs and consumer rights. CAMRA is an independant, voluntary organisation with over 155,870 members and has been described as the most successful consumer group in Europe.

We, at the Grantham CAMRA Society, would like to invite you into becoming a part of our society and attend our local meetings.

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